Qui Tam Experience

Helping Employees Expose Workplace Fraud

Whistleblowers — employees of government contractors who expose fraud on the part of their employer or other parties to government contracts — are protected against threats, intimidation or other forms of retaliation by their employers through the False Claims Act.

If you know of a company that is defrauding the government, consult a highly experienced lawyer as soon as possible to help preserve your legal rights. Attorney Jay Holland has decades of experience handling high-profile whistleblower cases throughout Washington, D.C., and Maryland. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned Washington, D.C., whistleblower attorney.

Long-Term Implications Of Fraudulent Activities Against The Government

Fraud against the government can lead to serious implications, such as:

  • Threaten important government programs such as national security, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security by stealing from these programs’ limited budgets
  • Cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year
  • Create a loss of confidence in the government’s ability to run efficiently without disruption from dishonest and untrustworthy contractors

Through the False Claims Act, there is a process of reporting fraud that must be rigorously followed. Reporting government fraud is a complicated matter. Attorney Jay Holland has the skills and experience level necessary to help you navigate through the legal system, while seeking to protect your rights.

You Chose To Speak Up. Let Us Help Protect You.

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