Qui Tam Experience

Experience That Works On Behalf Of Employers

The foundation for any good business is the rules upon which it builds itself. As an employer, you have employee contracts, handbooks and manuals, as well as wage and benefit policies. You need to know these benefits like the back of your hand, while also managing your business.

When the integrity of these policies come into question, it can be hard for you to prove that you are in the right, much less defend yourself in court. This is where we at Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA, come in. Our team has extensive experience in employer representation and can help you defend your business.

Let Us Handle Your Complex Company Policy

As your company’s attorney, we will become fluent in your policies, putting ourselves in a better position to represent your company. No matter how complex your employee contracts, handbooks, manuals and benefit policies, we have what it takes to represent your company in both negotiation and litigation.

In addition, if you have employees who believe your business or fellow employees have infringed upon their rights, we can defend you. We have handled both sides of harassment and discrimination as well, giving us a unique insight into employment law cases.

Do Not Leave Your Business Vulnerable

It can be challenging to balance the business portion of your company while also defending it on the legal front. If you need a reliable and dedicated Maryland lawyer to represent your company, look no further. You can schedule your initial consultation at our Greenbelt office by contacting us at 240-297-1782 or by email. Now is the best time to build your defense. Do not waste another minute — contact us today.