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The rules, procedures, and statutes of limitation governing federal and public sector employees can be quite complicated and differs from agency to agency. Federal and public sector employees involved in a grievance procedure or contractual dispute, or applying for certain kinds of benefits may not be aware of all that is required of them in order to leverage their case. At the law office of Jay P. Holland, we assist government employees in legal matters involving discrimination, termination of employment, benefits disputes, and appeals. As an employment lawyer with over 23 years of experience, Mr. Holland understands the unique requirements and procedural issues involving federal and public sector clients.

If you are a federal or public sector employee and need legal representation or counsel in regard to an employment law issue, contact employment law attorney Jay P. Holland today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.


Federal and Public Sector Employees
The law office of Jay P. Holland represents the following kind of federal and public sector employees:

  • Teachers
  • Fire fighters / EMTs
  • Police
  • NASA employees
  • NIH employees
  • Department of Transportation employees
  • HUD employees
  • State and county level administrators
  • Board of education
  • Federal agency employees

Discrimination and Wrongful Termination
Federal employees and public sector workers are often covered by agency-specific procedures. As a result, if you believe you are the target of discrimination or harassment, there may be specific procedures you must follow in order to file a complaint or seek redress for a wrong suffered by you. Likewise, each governmental agency is likely to have different statutes of limitation and different deadlines for taking legal action in specific kinds of cases. As your attorney, Jay P. Holland ensures you comply with your agency’s procedures while taking steps to assert and protect your rights.

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If you’ve encountered harassment, discrimination, or were wrongfully terminated from your job as a federal or public sector employee, contact employment law attorney Jay P. Holland today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.


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